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The "Center for Land Research" (CLR) was established in January 2005 as an "in-institute" of the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (under the name “Center for Soil Protection and Land Use Policy”). 

The CLR developed from various projects for the Ministry of Environment of Rhineland-Palatinate and municipalities of Rhineland-Palatinate. 

The main focus of the participating professors is, on the one hand, the scientific investigation and technical development and, on the other hand, to cover the economic and legal aspects of the precautionary and preventive land use policy. 

The objective of the CLR is to provide comprehensive assistance and professional advice on the development of sustainable development and transport services. 

The CLR is also a service facility for the municipalities and their companies. Together with our partner institutions (especially the Competence Center for Municipal Environmental Law, the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management, the Institute for Softwaresystems and Modus-Consult GmbH) we offer comprehensive consulting regarding soil protection and land use.