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Cooperation & Partners

Association for Nature and Environmental Protection Germany (BUND)

The Association for Environment and Nature Protection Germany (BUND) is committed to the protection of our nature and the environment - so that the earth remains habitable for all who live on it. For example, it is committed to ecological agriculture and healthy food, climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies, the protection of endangered species, forests and water. The German Association for Environment and Nature Conservation is one of the largest environmental associations in Germany. The BUND was founded on 20 July 1975. 

DRK-District Association Mainz-Bingen - Consulting office LebensWohnraum

The LebensWohnraum advisory center is concerned with residential projects, which are oriented towards the big-family life form - in a self-chosen group. Active neighborhood is becoming increasingly rare and needs to be designed in its own initiative. It is (as opposed to nursing homes) to complete residential units in a multi- party house or farm.

In residential projects, people have joined together, who feel the community as an enrichment. Participation in decisions affecting the common living and living space should be recorded in writing.

Multigenerational projects have proven to be particularly viable. Here is for many interests and living space. Each housing project is different. The individual concept is the guarantor and the reason for the creation of a residential ambience, in which the needs of the residents are decisive. It should also compensate for the deficits and burdens of a situation in the city or in the country, where possible. Common to all projects is a concept of living together with a social objective. 

Efficiency Network Rhineland-Palatinate (EffNet)

The Rheinland-Pfalz efficiency network provides a virtual platform for interdisciplinary information by linking a large number of individual initiatives in a joint network, as well as providing advice on issues relating to the subject of environment and energy. 

Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS)

The IfaS has set itself the goal of promoting the sustainable optimization of regional and company material flows in concrete, practice-oriented projects. An intelligent, resource-efficient handling of substances and material flows forms the backbone of a sustainable society. IfaS considers the optimization of material flows less as a technical problem, but rather as a management problem.

Competence Center for Municipal Environmental Law (KKU)

Environmental law is a cross-section material which has developed rapidly under the influence of the European directives and has therefore been marked by a permanent upheaval situation especially in recent years. In the concrete application of this less clear legal area, the municipalities are confronted with the problem that numerous references to economic law (for example, in the field of privatization, awarding, etc.) make the handling even more difficult. At this interface, there is often a lack of expert support for the municipal hand. The KKU sees its operating field here.



Modus Consult GmbH

ModusConsult pursues the strategy of being a competent partner through interdisciplinary advice from municipalities, public and private construction owners or private investors. ModusConsult takes assumption of the planning responsibility and project control. 

Nordhäuser ERGO-BAU

The Nordhäuser ERGO BAU deals with barrier-free living concepts, which also enable modern and comfortable living - even in the future.

:rak (Regional Working Group on Development, Planning and Transport Bonn / Rhein-Sieg / Ahrweiler)

The: rak is a voluntary cooperation form in which all 28 cities, municipalities and associations of the Bonn / Rhein-Sieg / Ahrweiler region are active in areas of spatial planning. The aim of the voluntary cooperation instrument is to promote sustainable spatial development in the region and to respond to the increasingly rapidly changing societal requirements. The "rak" is a link between the local planning sovereignty of cities, municipalities and land planning by contributing through the exchange of information and communication to promote jointly coordinated project developments to the municipal level.

Re2area GmbH

Re2area is a self-employed independent company specialized in the revitalization of pre-occupied sites and their reintegration into the real estate sector.

The companies involved are renowned experts in the fields of real estate and location development, architecture, urban development, development and landscape planning as well as environmental, construction and geotechnical engineering.